Business Tips for Maid Domestic Distributors

For those of you who are interested and are looking to start a business of domestic helpers, then you should consider the following:

1. Forming a Business Entity and Business License

To start a business service business housekeeping service should be done by obtaining legality in advance that is by establishing a business entity and get permission from the local government to run the business so there are no troublesome problems in the future. Form a business entity that can be a CV or a firm. This can certainly attract many job seekers and also the interest of service users.

2. Find the Competent Human Resources

If we want to have a business service supplier of domestic helpers, of course our main product is human resources that is the domestic worker. You must prepare things to filter and recruit job seekers to be employed as domestic helpers. Selection process is very important to be done so that later we can provide quality and also can meet the needs of the clients who will use the services of housekeeping services.

3. Note the Data and Background of Labor

Note also the background, status, education and also the data yourself from prospective domestic helpers you want to recruit. This is quite important especially if your client later wants a domestic helper with certain criteria. Thoroughly examine the origin of them. See also whether they have a temperament and well behaved or not. If necessary you can also ask for terms in the form of a well-behaved letter obtained from the Indonesian police. That way you can reduce the risk of problems that can arise in the future.